Blackpool Remain Confident on Super Casino

Blackpool officials remain optimistic that they will bag the license to host Britain's first super casino even after it ranked third in the list of the Casino Advisory Panel.

Blackpool came in third, 2 points shy of frontrunner Millennium Dome in London and one point lower than second placer Glasgow.

More assessments will be carried out by the panel throughout 2006, and it says that the following rankings would not be affected by previous ones. A recommendation will be given by the panel to the government by the end of the year.

Blackpool's bid focuses on a casino and conference quarter and according to officials, the super casino will be responsible for creating 20,000 jobs in the region.

"We are confident that we can further justify our case to the Panel at the public examination later this year," Councillor Roy Fisher, leader of Blackpool Council, said.

"Our focus however, is as it always has been, in strengthening our already compelling case for a resort casino," Fisher said. "We know that our case is strong in all areas."

Mark Etches, a leading consultant in the gaming industry said, "Ultimately, I think Blackpool will win it."

Etches believe that the Dome can still be bumped out of first place because the Area's regeneration is not wholly dependent on a super casino.

"Ultimately for Blackpool it's absolutely dependent on having a regional casino at its heart and I think that is the most distinguishing feature, other than the fact it is the most popular choice."

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