Craps Superstitions

Craps is a game of chance. The game of craps was invented long ago in attempt to measure the boldness of a person to see if luck is on his side. With this, it is inevitable that several superstitious beliefs will be developed over the years of playing craps.

Among the most famous craps superstition states that a first-time female dice roller is very much lucky. She will likely be on a hot streak on her first stint at the craps table. On the other hand a first-time male dice roller does not have any luck on his side.

With this, it is wise to pass and refrain from betting any amount. This may sound discriminatory and foolish but craps old-timers have experienced same events over the years of playing craps.

Another belief is refraining oneself from uttering the word seven. Many craps players believe that this will result into a seven-out and is bad luck for everyone at the table. Some even say that one must refer to seven as “it” or else the dice might hear the word and give the number on the dice roll.

Some craps enthusiasts also caution players to place a bet only when the dice is already “warm. This means that the game must already be in progress and you are not the only one or the first one at the craps table. Others also rub the dice between their palms in attempt to “warm-up” the dice to get a good roll.

When on a good roll, one should not distract or talk to the shooter of the dice. This will caused disruption of the rhythm of the shooter and his good roll will come into a halt. When you noticed somebody talking to a shooter having a good roll, collect your money and refrain from wagering any amount for this will cause a bad roll.

Also, the dice should not hit anyone’s hand. If the dice hit somebody’s hand, it is believed that the dice will be jinxed and a bad roll will result. Some even fight over this matter because some players blame the one who touched the dice for their loss du to a bad roll of the die.

Meanwhile, it is also believed that the number of wrong wagers affect the fate of the dice. According to this belief, if there are many wrong wages in a particular round of the game, seven-out will most likely to result in the dice role.

Last, but not the least, it is a bad luck if the stickperson pushes the dice on your side and the face value of the dice totals to seven. With this, it is wise to refrain from betting and wait until the next round to try and test your fate once again.

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