Tips on What to Bring to the Casino

Whenever we go out for a date, or go to church or office we make it a point to bring the essential things we think we would need for the day. We bring something that seems to be a part of us females and that is our handbag.

We want to be ready with the necessary things that could make us organized for the whole day. It is incomprehensible to stuff the handbags with a photo album of friends and families or a pile of subscription ads because it will not be needed for the day's schedule. This happens too when our day is not programmed.

A visit to the casino requires planning. What time do you intend to arrive at the casino and how long do you intend to stay? Is your visit for fun or for placing bets on games.? Are you planning to check in at the casino hotel? Will you stay overnight? These questions are poised to the player to plan on what she needs to bring to the casino, Once she starts to play she won't have all the time to call home and asks for the things she forgot to bring. Study the tips on what to bring to the casino when you play. These may come in useful and handy.

1.Money and a checkbook. 2.Your identification card-This gives your name, address, age, religion, occupation place of work, blood type and the name or the person to call in case of an emergency. 3. Bank passbook and or bank card. 4. Personal telephone directory listing family members and friends. 5. Credit cards-Casino houses sometimes have a boutique or a dining area where credit cards are accepted. 6. Red Cross card, church card and other club affiliation may come in handy. 7. Doctors list in case of emergency. 8. Medicine - these could be your maintenance pills or vitamin pills 9. Medical prescriptions that can be bought at the hotel pharmacy. 10.Listing of allergies - Undue illness at the casino may need a doctor on the house, it is good to know as a prescribed medicine may run counter to your system. 11.Toiletry bag-toothbrush, toothpaste band aid, etc. 12. Make up kit-lipstick, blushon, powder, comb, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil etc. 13.Eyeglasses-to read clearly 14.Handkerchieves and bandanas. 15.Jewelry- fancy earrings or fancy. It is advisable to leave expensive jewelries at home. Better yet deposit them at the office. 16. Clothings-skirt, pants and skirts, nightwear in case you stay overnight 17.Cellphone 18. Camera-for souvenir shots outside the confines of the casino gambling house 19. Writing pad and pen for important notes 20. cigarettes- in case you smoke 21. House Keys - on case you desire to go home unexpectedly you can get yourself in without a problem . House help could be on a day off. 22. Car Keys and your drivers license/

You could have other suggestions or tips on what to bring to the casino when you feel like playing for a few hours or plan to sleep at the casino hotel. The suggested listing makes you organized at a moments notice.

Casino houses may not be able to provide what you failed to bring. Though you can be sure that if you qualified to bring home comps and freebies you can be assured that you made the casino house happy. It made a profit out of your big loss.

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